Energy Ledger Hackathon

We are conducting a hackathon competition with a single 75000 ELX token prize that will reward the best solution for making a simple Dapp that provides a frontend interface for conducting a ‘Sequitur’ transaction (e.g. a transaction that incorporates a data field as per the ERC777 standard) This functionality is the core aspect that will make Energy Ledger a viable solution for transmitting invoice, product, and data sheets within the Oil & Gas, Solar, Wind and Nuclear energy industries.

Ideally a working solution would manifest A.) A field for the transaction amount incorporating uint256 with 18 decimals B.) A field for dropping a file to IPFS for off-chain data storage of an invoice or other data item to be converted to hex code C.) A send button.

Ideally once a file is dropped in, a sequitur transaction with a hex code that converts to a link would appear on Etherscan under ‘_data’ for the specific transaction. Presentation of the A.) Dapp interface B.) Resulting transaction on Etherscan will entitle the first to complete the prize of 75000 ELX tokens!

Here are some helpful documentation pages and tips: (This is a WYSIWYG Dapp development platform, requires little to no knowledge of coding to build a Dapp)

CEO, Energy Ledger